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Oil and Gas

Our engineers and inspectors have over 15 years of experience in oil and gas in developing a long-lasting relationship and creating long-term value for oil and gas facilities.

Acetake Group provides innovative, integrated, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas projects. We have built a reputation of high standard for safety and technical expertise. Our focus is to help our clients build and sustain their assets.

Refineries process crude oil using a variety of complex industrial processes and associated infrastructure. Operating safely, avoiding unplanned outages, and properly maintaining refinery equipment are key objectives of asset integrity team.

We help our refinery clients plan and execute inspection work while minimizing facility downtime. We offer the following services:

icon of  API Inspection (510, 653, 570)
API Inspection (510, 653, 570)
Acetake Group provides API inspection services for the oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemical, pipeline, ...
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icon of  NDE Inspection
NDE Inspection
Acetake Group has an extensive range of equipment and experienced technicians to match every inspection ...
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icon of  Weld Engineering Consulting
Weld Engineering Consulting
Acetake Group will work with you to ensure your welding operations are working in their prime. Acetake Group ...
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icon of  Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
Acetake Group licensed structural engineers design Commercial and Industrial structures across Canada. Our team ...
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icon of  Mechanical Engineering and HVAC
Mechanical Engineering and HVAC
Acetake Group licensed engineers are trained and seasoned to understand, design, and properly analyze ...
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icon of  Materials Testing
Materials Testing
Acetake Group laboratory provides same day pick up and same day reporting services at lowest prices through ...
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icon of  Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis
Acetake Group has experienced staff of engineers and technicians trained in failure analysis techniques ...
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icon of  Fitness-for-Service Assessments
Fitness-for-Service Assessments
Acetake Group conducts fitness-for-service assessments of pressure vessels, piping systems and ...
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icon of  Engineering Design
Engineering Design
The highly skilled team of engineers and technicians at Acetake Group provide our customers with very timely ...
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