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Frequently asked questions

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According to Canadian regulations, structural steel fabrication, or erection businesses in Canada to have Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification. Each Division 1 or 2 CWB certified company must designate a Welding Engineer who is responsible for welding related activities. Companies could obtain the CWB certified Welding Engineering service from companies like Acetake Group. Welding engineer services for Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification may be employed or retained by these companies. CWB retained welding engineers of Acetake Group, not only provide welding engineering support as required, to meet the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification requirements, but also they will be assisting the clients by providing various services including the development of new welding procedures and the preparation of the corresponding welding procedure specifications and welding procedure data sheets, as well as periodic reviews of the company’s welding practices by conducting an audit.
  • Division 1 companies must employ a full-time CWB welding engineer.
  • Division 2 companies must retain a CWB welding engineer. Acetake Group offers retained welding engineer for steel W47.1, aluminium W47.2, and rebar W186.
  • Division 3 companies are not required to have a welding engineer.
  • Quarterly on-site audit as per CSA W47.1; W47.2 & W186
  • Quarterly audit reporting per CSA W47.1; W47.2 & W186
  • Trouble shooting of welding issues
  • Develop, revise, and PEng seal welding procedures and WPDS
  • Supporting CWB communications and audits
  • Training of welders and welding supervisors for CWB exams and tests

Acetake Group could offer CWB companies the following services:

  • Retained CWB engineer which comes with 24/7 support
  • Design and preparation of steel and aluminum structure fabrication and erection drawings
  • P.Eng. Stamp of fabrication drawing in all the provinces and territories
  • Engineering Assessment to Building Code and other applicable Standards
  • Permit Application for a wide range of structures
  • Welding Procedure Development, Stamping and Registration
  • Training of welders and supervisors for CWB test
  • CAD drawing and drafting service which comes with 24/7 support
  • Marketing: tender and bid preparation (1 project per month guaranteed)
  • Welder certification we pick up the samples from your shop, prepare the tickets and get it signed by CWB
  • CWB level II welding inspection service

You could refer to the following video:

Our retained welding engineering services include unlimited number of procedure revisions. Acetake group will not charge you for the revision of welding procedures.
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