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The validity of the CRN attached to a vessel extends throughout the vessel's lifespan. As for a manufacturer, the CRN can be utilized until either the design needs to be altered due to code modifications or until design alterations are deemed necessary.

It is necessary to apply for the CRN prior to commencing construction, as stated in B51 which mandates that "Acceptance and registration shall be obtained before construction is commenced." This could pose a challenge for a manufacturer who has a finished vessel and is informed on the shipping date that the vessel is destined for Canada. However, it's important to note that this requirement may differ depending on the jurisdiction. For instance, the Ontario vessel act offers an alternative where a person can commence construction of the boiler, pressure vessel, fitting, or piping before the submission is registered if they assume all the risks related to the construction for an installation or alteration. It is advisable to allow ample time for registration to avoid complications.

Registration and issuance of a CRN number for boilers and pressure vessels are handled independently by each province. However, the Atlantic Canada provinces and northern territories have formed a partnership and established a centralized registration organization called ACI Central. To register a vessel in all 13 provinces and territories of Canada, you need to comply with the registration requirements of seven different organizations or jurisdictions.

Canada and the United States share the same ASME Section VIII-1 code for pressure vessel construction, but in Canada, the CSA B51 standard defines a pressure vessel more stringently. Additionally, Canada follows a practice of registering FITTINGS, which are typically not required to be registered in other countries due to their small size. Canada also registers many PIPING SYSTEMS, and all of these pressure vessels, fittings, and piping systems must be constructed under quality control programs that are suitable for the purpose.

R134A, R404A, R407A, R407C, R449A, R448A, R507A, R410A, R513A

No, only compressed air line pipings with a diameter of 3/4 inch or smaller are exempt from TSSA registration in Ontario.
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is the rating used by companies to indicate the efficiency of their heatpump.
The efficiancy of a heating system is calculated as follows:
HSFP = total heating power/ total used energy for 1 year
This number usually varies between 8 and 10.

Per CSA W47.1, Division 1 companies shall employ a welding engineer on a full-time basis and Division 2 companies shall retain a welding engineer on a part-time basis. Division 3 companies are not required to employ or retain a welding engineer.

  • Division 1 companies must employ a full-time CWB welding engineer.
  • Division 2 companies must retain a CWB welding engineer. Acetake Group offers retained welding engineer for steel W47.1, aluminium W47.2, and rebar W186.
  • Division 3 companies are not required to have a welding engineer.
  • Quarterly on-site audit as per CSA W47.1; W47.2 & W186
  • Quarterly audit reporting per CSA W47.1; W47.2 & W186
  • Trouble shooting of welding issues
  • Develop, revise, and PEng seal welding procedures and WPDS
  • Supporting CWB communications and audits
  • Training of welders and welding supervisors for CWB exams and tests

Acetake Group could offer CWB companies the following services:

  • Retained CWB engineer which comes with 24/7 support
  • Design and preparation of steel and aluminum structure fabrication and erection drawings
  • P.Eng. Stamp of fabrication drawing in all the provinces and territories
  • Engineering Assessment to Building Code and other applicable Standards
  • Permit Application for a wide range of structures
  • Welding Procedure Development, Stamping and Registration
  • Training of welders and supervisors for CWB test
  • CAD drawing and drafting service which comes with 24/7 support
  • Marketing: tender and bid preparation (1 project per month guaranteed)
  • Welder certification we pick up the samples from your shop, prepare the tickets and get it signed by CWB
  • CWB level II welding inspection service

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