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image of A Guide to Fundamentals of CRN for Pressure Equipment

A Guide to Fundamentals of CRN for Pressure Equipment

Publication Date : 2023-03-05

By Mat Khaloobagheri

Canadian regulations require a valid Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for most pressure equipment, pressure fittings, pressure piping systems, pressure vessels & boilers operating over 15 psi (1 bar). Unless an exemption or variation applies, the scope of CRN registration submission documentation required is inclusive (additional documents may be required) of relevant documents such as technical drawings, code calculations for manufactured pressure equipment, application forms, test results, finite element analysis, and a list of products intended for registration in the respective Canadian jurisdictions. The application process differs from province to province and is non-trivial due to the difference in relevant documents between provinces.

CRNs are issued exclusively by an authorized safety authority (regulators) or their designates and specific to a province and territory. A CRN consists of an alpha-numeric string that is specific to whether the CRN number is for a pressure vessel, boiler, piping system, or fitting, and that normally designates the province or territory of approval. Consult a professional for the interpretation of numbering. Before constructing any piping system design, all fittings relevant to the regulated pressure boundary that is intended for use in the design must also have a CRN issued to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

In Canada, a fitting is defined as a wide array of pressure appurtenances from elbows and tees to the sight glass, level, and pressure measurement devices, strainers, small vessels, and the like.


Can anybody obtain a pressure vessel CRN?

In order to obtain a pressure vessel CRN, the manufacturer must have a quality system implemented that meets the requirements of CSA B51 "Manufacturing of Pressure Vessels in accordance with ASME VIII-1" or an ASME U-Stamp Design drawings and calculations are to be submitted to the jurisdiction where the CRN is being applied for.

Design drawings should show as a minimum the following information:


  • Service (Lethal or non-lethal)
  • MAWP or Design Pressure
  • Design Temperature
  • Design Code
  • Material Specifications
  • Material Thickness
  • Corrosion Allowance
  • Welding details
  • NDE Examination Requirements
  • PWHT Requirements
  • Impact Test Requirements
  • Test Pressure and Temperature
  • Special Service Conditions (i.e. Cyclic Service, etc.)

Obtaining a CRN is not necessarily trivial or inclusive. The manufacturer requires, at minimum, a valid QA system that has been audited by a 3rd party acceptable to the safety authority in the province of application. Not all safety authorities accept all QA systems. ASME and ISO 9001 is the most widely accepted QA system; however, the QA system also must be audited by an acceptable auditor.

In addition, depending upon the code or standard to which a design is made, the application process can involve extensive destructive burst testing, finite element analysis, and/or code calculations to establish pressure design safety, the scope of registration, a design application form indicating design application, to name a few. The application forms differ whether it is a fitting design, vessel design, pipe fittings, boiler, or pressure vessels. Furthermore, the Canadian pressure laws and the Canadian pressure regulation differ between provinces and territories. Responsibility for establishing pressure design safety rests with the applicant and regulators do not (and should not) conduct testing or calculation work. Before commencing with any testing or calculations, it is highly recommended to consult a professional.

Experienced Acetake Group engineers will guide you step-by-step to obtain your pressure vessel CRN number. We will help you with the Engineering Design, CRN Registration and Provincial Registration (P#) of your pressure equipment. Also, we can help your company to develop and execute a very robust quality system and obtain ASME Certification.


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