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image of Impact of the Steel Tariffs on the Welding and Fabrication Industry

Impact of the Steel Tariffs on the Welding and Fabrication Industry

Publication Date : 2018-09-05

Keywords: Welding CWB

By Michelle Stanford, Senior Vice President – CWB Group

Over the last month, the CWB Association launched an industry engagement program to understand our client’s experiences to learn about the “Impact of the Steel Tariffs on the Welding and Fabrication Industry.” Over 300 clients completed an online survey and close to 100 one on one interviews have been conducted in the field by our CWB Certification team of Client Service Representatives. This email is to provide our Association members exclusive advance notice of our findings and insights on the CWB Associations’ government advocacy efforts which are being presented today at the annual CanWeld conference in Winnipeg.

Finally, we have initiated conversations with both the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Minister of Labour. It is our position that the government measures announced in June will not help mitigate these impacts on the welding industry. For details on these measures, see the press release from the Government link below:

We’ve asked our CWB Certification clients to keep the conversation open and if their experiences change, they’re invited to log back onto the survey and share their experiences in real time.

We commit to posting updates on our insights and activities to our CWB Association website and social media platforms.


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