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image of Three Reasons You Need to Get Your Gas Fitter License

Three Reasons You Need to Get Your Gas Fitter License

Publication Date : 2021-08-18

Keywords: HVAC Plumbing

By Claudia Wang

Are you thinking of landinga skilled trade job in Ontario? For example, did you know you need to get a licenseto be a Gas Fitter?


Let’s learn about what exactly a gas fitter does!

  • Installing, checking and repairing gas lines and gas equipment (meters, regulators)

  • Installing and servicing gas heating units and components (burners, valves, and automatic controls)

  • Testing and replacing imperfect units and components


Is this your dream job? If your answer is YES, perfect!

Then, you need to get your gas fitter license. You are probably thinking about whatthe certificate of qualification is and why you need to get this certificate in order to work as a gas technician. Here is what you need to know:


Certificate of Qualification

For some trades in Ontario, skilled trades workers must have a certificate of Qualification (or “C of Q”). A qualification certificate means you already passed all training and the provincial qualification exams, and it can prove that you have enough knowledge of the trade in which you will be working. To work as a Gas Technician in Ontario, you have to get a license issued by the TSSA training provider.


Why should you get the certificate?

1. Gasfitters are in high demand in Ontario.

The Government of Ontario Job Bank expressed that the demand for gas fitters has always been steady in Ontario for the last 10 years and they are expecting this kind of job will remain steady in future.

According to Government of Canada Job Bank/ Career Outlook Report, the demand for gas fitter gets 2 out of 3 stars, which means this industry is growing across the province.


2. You need your G2 technician license to work in HVAC.

Think you might want to pursue a career in HVAC? You’ll definitely need your G2 to work in this trade. HVAC mechanics work on gas-fired equipment, and they need to get a gas license to enter the field.


3. The gas fitter certificates also benefit plumbers and appliance technicians.

Looking for opportunities in appliance repair jobs? Want to be a plumber in the future? You need a gas technician certificate because only certified appliance technicians and plumbers can install and service gas-fired units.


Acetake Group also offers heating contractor certification services for the companies and certifies gas technicians for Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Contact us today at  or +1 (800) 388 - 7569 or send a message to us on our contact page.