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Engineering Services

Acetake Group provides a wide range of engineering services, such as engineering design, assessment, and registration. Please see all the engineering services and more details below:

icon of Mechanical Engineering and HVAC
Mechanical Engineering and HVAC
Acetake Group licensed engineers are trained and seasoned to understand, design, and properly analyze ...
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icon of Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
Acetake Group licensed structural engineers design Commercial and Industrial structures across Canada. Our team ...
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icon of Industrial and Commercial Plumbing
Industrial and Commercial Plumbing
Acetake Group offers a variety of services for industrial and commercial plumbing such as: ...
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icon of Fuel Piping Systems
Fuel Piping Systems
Acetake Group is a leader in engineering services for fuel piping systems for: ...
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icon of Piping Engineering
Piping Engineering
Our team of piping experts have extensive experience with design of ABOVE AND BELOW GROUND PIPING ...
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icon of Pressure Vessel Engineering
Pressure Vessel Engineering
We work with you to design your pressure vessels based on ASME codes and your unique specifications.
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icon of Fitness-for-Service Assessments
Fitness-for-Service Assessments
Acetake Group conducts fitness-for-service assessments of pressure vessels, piping systems and ...
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icon of CRN Registration and Provincial Registration (P#)
CRN Registration and Provincial Registration (P#)
Acetake Group is offering the engineering design and registration services for ...
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