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image of Architectural, Structural, and HVAC Design Drawings

Architectural, Structural, and HVAC Design Drawings

Publication Date : 2022-07-19

By Golshid Noori Dolooee

In this article, we review the variety of construction and design drawings that should be applied construction projects depending on their type.



What is the root of the well-known building problems? What actions should be taken to find any problems and suitable solutions to these issues? How can we find problems? How can we find solutions? In our modern era, numerous initiatives for renewal have been proposed, including industrialization, open buildings, design/build, collaboration, re-engineering, and others [1], but what are the main roots? It is simple. There are some common features that organize technical patterns for every structural project. There are some documents that should be considered important for every construction project.

In this article, we review the variety of construction and design drawings and then look at a few of them.

The majority of the construction and design drawings are listed below [2]:

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Structural Drawings
  • HVAC Drawings
  • Electrical and Plumbing Drawings
  • Firefighter Drawings
  • Miscellaneous Drawings

Before reviewing the specifics of these documents, it should be emphasized that construction documents serve two purposes: first, apply for and get a building permit from the city or another local authority, and second build the structure [3].


Architectural Drawings

Generally, architectural drawings are the technical representation of a building made before the beginning of the construction process. These drawings are made with lines, projections, and scales.


Aechitectural drawing


Architectural drawings can be divided into the following types [2]:

  1. Site Plan Drawings

  2. Floor Plan Drawings

  3. Cross Section Drawings

  4. Elevation Drawings

  5. Landscape Drawings

  6. Finishing Drawings

  7. Working Plan

  8. Section Drawings

  9. General Note

  10. Excavation Drawings

  11. As-built Drawings

  12. Single Line Drawings

  13. Penetration Drawings

  14. Shop Drawings

  15. Installation Drawings

  16. Location Drawings

  17. Location Plan


Structural Drawings

A structural drawing specifies the shape and location of every part of a structure, allowing the structure to be built on-site on the architect's concepts [4].


Structural drawing


Structural drawings can be divided into the following types [2]:

  1. Column Layout

  2. Plinth Beam Layout

  3. Lintel Beam Layout

  4. Roof Beam and Shuttering Layout

  5. Roof Slab Layout

  6. Roof Slab Layout

  7. Block Plan

  8. Farming Plans

  9. Component Drawings

  10. Concept Drawings

  11. Engineering Drawings

  12. Assembly Drawings

  13. Design Drawings

  14. Foundation Plan


HVAC Drawings

A Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) drawing is a technical drawing that shows the details of the cooling and heating of a space. HVAC systems are designed to ensure maintain good indoor air quality by providing adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. All types of buildings, whether they are commercial, residential, or industrial use HVAC systems. By automatically managing the temperature according to external environmental conditions, HVAC systems provide thermal comfort to users. Depending on the outdoor environment, air from outside is brought in and cooled or heated and then distributed evenly throughout the building [5].


HVAC drawing


HVAC drawings can be divided into two parts:

  1. HVAC Drawings

  2. Firefighting Drawings



In this article, the importance of construction and design drawings was explained. For every project, all of the shareholders are responsible to provide detailed drawings for every step of the project. These documents are not only important in terms of construction policy and rules but also, they are important in terms of the quality of the project. Moreover, in this article, all of the structural documentation were listed. In the next article, other types of drawings will be explained.


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In this article, we review the variety of construction and design drawingsthat should be applied construction projects depending on their type.




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