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image of Engineering Services Companies Explained

Engineering Services Companies Explained

Publication Date : 2021-07-05

By Claudia Wang


Why Use an Engineering Services Company?

You would probably ask what an engineering services company is. An engineering services company is a project-based business that helps their customers to bring products or technology to the market by providing engineering consulting services. Many businesses do not have engineers in-house or they might not have all the specialties required for a certain project. Therefore, they need to outsource the project requirements to an engineering services company.


What do Engineering Services Companies do?

Firstly, we need to know that engineering is a professional job, and it requires knowledgeable and experienced engineers to perform the job appropriately. Therefore, someone who is interested in engineering has to choose what they need to focus on in their early studies because this will decide what specialized training they will receive during their engineering degree and practicum.


The scope of the engineer’s professional license is decided by the specified engineering discipline. For instance, an environmental science engineer would not typically be qualified or licensed to grant an electrical engineering design or drawing. Most of the time, the professional engineers only focus on their own discipline and receive their own training accordingly.


An established engineering services company needs to provide multidisciplinary consulting including the design, simulation, evaluation and investigation, assessment, and registration required to safely construct or manufacture what is defined by the client.


Specialized Services

Engineering services companies can provide recommendations and professional advice to the companies or individuals who need help with the engineering aspect of their project. In addition, engineering services companies can take on the project’s estimation, design, simulation and testing the product.


Basically, engineering services companies provide responsible engineers to complete the project. Also, for bringing a project to the market, the engineering services companies need to double check the scoping, buying, and / or fabricating a wide range of materials. These details need to be done in the design process.


One of the most important services an engineering firm needs to offer is to coordinate with a construction contractor to make sure the project meets the codes and standards set by government institutions given a jurisdiction.


Acetate Group Inc. has extensive experience to provide you with professional consulting services in the engineering compliant to the codes and standards for your projects.


What categories of services do engineering companies offer?

Engineering companies provide various services based on the companies’ size, structure, and capability. That is why we need to verify that an engineering firm's capabilities and services align with a project’s requirements before signing an agreement.


An engineering company provides services that can be grouped into the below categories:


  • Consultation and investigation

  • Drafting and design

  • Consultation management

  • Forensic engineering and expert witness testimony


At Acetake Group Inc., we offer engineering services such as mechanical engineering and HVAC, structural engineering design and analysis, industrial and commercial plumbing, fuel piping systems, piping engineering, pressure vessel engineering, fitness-for-service assessments, CRN and provincial registration. We can help you with design and installation, testing, and inspection. You are covered for every aspect of your engineering requirements!



A good engineering team does not simply accept to work on a project and dictate what the client should do.


A good engineering team must have the capability to collaborate and communicate with the stakeholders to accomplish the objectives defined in a project.


In addition, they know what questions they need to ask and what right steps they need to take to finish the projects. Therefore, they can perform according to the plan and don’t waste money, valuable time, and resources.


In summary, a good engineering company fully understands the client’s vision and ensures every single deliverable conforms to the codes and standards.


Acetate Group Inc. is a company that not only considers clients requirements and opinions but also compliance to the code books and standards. So, check our website here to learn more about the engineering services we offer and contact us today to discuss your next project.