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image of 5 Must-Have Qualities of a Welding Inspector

5 Must-Have Qualities of a Welding Inspector

Publication Date : 2019-03-24

Keywords: Welding Inspection

By Joolz Malek


What qualities do you need to become a successful welding inspector? The answer comes from observations of those who are successful in the field. The qualities these welding inspectors have may sound simple, but if practiced, they might lead to remarkable results.
If you really want to become a successful welding inspector, here are the top 5 must-have qualities of a welding inspector. Find out which one do you have.


1. Integrity

Integrity is by far the most important must-have quality of a welding inspector. The definition of integrity is‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’.

The industry which involves quality inspection in their process, most probably will tangled with corruption problems due to the nature of the business. This is especially true in the process of quality acceptance.

When a welding inspector finds defect and about to reject a weld, he might be pressured, either directly or indirectly by his superior to produce inaccurate report results due to the deadline, cost or other pressing matters. Sometimes being friendly to the management or client would also lead to a bias in the decision of acceptance of welding.

It’s important that a welding inspector remains neutral and doesn’t allow anyone to influence their reporting. After all integrity is the essence of everything successful.


2. Attention to Detail

The defect in welding comes in a lot of different form and shape. Some defects are so subtle that you really need to be observant and detail oriented just to spot them.

Attention to detail is also important in determining possible causes fordefects. For example, when you notice that shielding gas is not flowing smoothly while welding, your early action will eventually preventporosityand other defects in the weld.

Over time, with practice and experiences, you can train your eyes to easily spot these details.


3. Sound Knowledge of Welding

A welder with the intention to become a welding inspector will have the benefit when it comes to welding knowledge. They are better in understanding problems that welders’ encounters in the field. Moreover, they can make good decisions in preventing welding problems, since they know the advantages and disadvantages of each welding processes.

Nevertheless, others that never weld before can learn from books, mentors or observation in order to have a sound knowledge of welding. It is advisable to learn specifics topic like types of welding (e.g. shielded metal arc welding, GTAW, MIG), how does welding work, welding required skills, and more.


4. Effective Communication Skills

Communication is essential in every organization. It is the result of everything you do in the workplace. A good welding inspector must know how to communicate better by doing a lot of reading, writing, speaking and listening. These activities are essential in order for you to get better in completing your tasks and achieving goals.

As a welding inspector, you should know why successful communication skills are important to you, for example, to access a completed weld, you will need to request information, discuss any defect or problems, give instructions to the welders for repair works, work together with the NDT teams, and interact with the management or clients.

So, polish your communication skills and you will find yourself advance progressively in your career.


5. Good Safety Habits

Safety is the responsibility of everyone.
As a welding inspector, you should make safety as your top priority, no matter what task you are performing.

When dealing with high voltage, current, heat, or working in high places, every single safety rule must be followed. By doing so, you are not just saving yourself but you are saving others too.

Gain knowledge in health and safety by attending the relevant course and read more on the occupational health and safety act of your country.
Good safety habits are one of the must-have qualities of a welding inspector. Without it, you are not qualified as a welding inspector.

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