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image of Solve the Problem of High Humidity in your Industrial Facility

Solve the Problem of High Humidity in your Industrial Facility

Publication Date : 2021-08-20

By Dana Lochan


Humidity is the presence of water vapor in the atmosphere. The more water evaporates, the more water vapor rises into the air which creates an increase to the humidity. Hot places tend to be more humid than cooler placers because the heat causes water to evaporate faster.


Industrial facilities struggle to maintain their humidity levels during hot weather. It’s important to monitor the weather condition to ensure that your facility is efficient, employees are capable of working and to gain the best production.


Here are some reasons why having high humidity is bad:

  • Negative effect towards the human body
  • Growth of mold and mildew
  • Damages machines, floors, and walls


If you are having high humidity problems. Here are 3 tips that will improve your humidity levels:


  1. Making sure your facility is kept clean and monitoring your inventory. Inventory needs to be stored up and put away properly, if not it can cause a chance of moisture damage. A rotation of inventory can also decrease the amount of any other concerns/problems.
  2. To reach full efficiency in your facility, you would want to reach out to external help to receive an evaluation. These experts can help identify if you need a custom dehumidification system. When there is immoderate humidity, the first instinct is to take a look at air conditioning. Air conditioning system will help the situation, but it is not enough to fully remove the excess moisture from the air. This is where a dehumidification system will be needed.
  3. To maintain a balance within your facility over the hot months, you want to ensure that your facility is insulated and sealed with a vapor barrier in walls and ceilings. The barrier is to help with temperature control, dampness, and energy efficiency. Most importantly it will also prevent humidity from entering your facility.



Vapor barriers, external help, dehumidification systems and cleanliness can make a huge difference in facilities that have high humidity problems. These tips are highly essential and will improve your facility to perform at its best.


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