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image of Design and CRN Registration of ASME pressure vessels for Canadian Arctic

Design and CRN Registration of ASME pressure vessels for Canadian Arctic

Completion Date : 2023-04-17


At Acetake Group Inc., we recently completed a pressure vessel design and registration project for a client based in Pickering, Ontario. The client requested Acetake's services to design pressure vessels for high-pressure chemical waste filtration processes in the Canadian Arctic. The engineers at Acetake worked closely with the client and used advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software to develop the safest, most efficient, cost-effective pressure vessel design.

ASME and CSA Compliance

The project's primary goal was to ensure that the pressure vessel design met the client's design specifications and complied with ASME Section VIII Div. 1 2021, CSA B51 2019 and all other relevant codes and jurisdictional requirements. Acetake engineers performed extensive calculations and simulations to ensure that the pressure vessels could withstand the extreme conditions of the Canadian Arctic and operate safely and efficiently for an extended period.

Safety and Quality Standards

Once the design was completed, Acetake engineers applied for the professional engineer (PEng) seal of the destination jurisdiction, the Yukon Territory. This step was essential as it ensured that the pressure vessel design met all the safety and quality standards set forth by the regulatory authorities.

CRN Registration

After obtaining the PEng seal, the engineers registered the pressure vessel design with the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) system. This step was crucial as it ensured the pressure vessel design complied with all the relevant Canadian safety standards and regulations. Acetake engineers completed the CRN registration process successfully, allowing the client to legally build and use the pressure vessels in Canada.

The Drawing

Finally, Acetake engineers developed detailed fabrication drawings for the client, making it easy for them to build the pressure vessels. The drawings included all the technical specifications, dimensions, and manufacturing instructions required to construct the pressure vessels accurately and safely.

The photo below demonstrates one of the pressure vessels designed and fabricated per requirements from different angles:

A Pressure Vessel Designed by Acetake Group Inc

Innovative and Cost-effective Solutions

The pressure vessel design and registration project completed by Acetake Group Inc. for our client in Pickering, Ontario, demonstrates our expertise and commitment to quality and safety. The project's successful completion ensures that the pressure vessels operate safely and efficiently, providing essential services to the Canadian Arctic communities.

The project is an excellent example of how a collaborative effort between engineers and clients can result in innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed all relevant safety and quality standards.

For each and every project, our engineers at Acetake Group are commited to our Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Learn more Abous Us.

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