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Materials Testing

Materials Testing

Acetake Group laboratory provides same-day pickup and same-day reporting services at the lowest prices throughout the industry. Our lab offers mechanical, physical and chemical testing services such as:

  • Bend test (root, face and side bend test for welder and welding procedure qualification)

  • Tensile test

  • Sectioning test (for brazer and brazing procedure qualification)

  • V Notch Charpy test (for welding qualification tests)

  • Nick-Break Test (for CSA Z662 welding procedure development)

  • Macro examination (for checking the quality of welds)

All the tests are performed in accordance with provincial regulations and internationally recognized standards.

Acetake Group labs provide mechanical testing for a wide range of materials: steel plates, re-bar, fasteners, welding materials, cement, concrete and masonry mortar, asphalt concrete, soil, brick, plastics, rubber, paints, waterproof, strand, car components.