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At Acetake Group, we support our clients from different industries, every step of the way, in every region of Canada with their toughest engineering, certification, inspection, and construction challenges: the most complicated boilers and pressure vessels, the most energy-efficient HVAC systems, the most sensitive fuel and gas piping, the most effective non-destructive inspection technique, the cleanest power plant, and the most reliable processing plant.

icon of  Structural Steel and Aluminum Fabrication
Structural Steel and Aluminum Fabrication
Structural Engineering Services is one of the core businesses at Acetake Group. We are a certified engineering ...
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icon of  Mechanical Contractors
Mechanical Contractors
Our team of licensed engineers at Acetake works with mechanical contractors throughout Canada, offering them ...
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icon of  Heating and Fuel Contractors
Heating and Fuel Contractors
Fuel safety is literally a matter of life and death, regardless of the heating system used. Our licensed ...
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icon of  HVAC and Refrigeration
HVAC and Refrigeration
To obtain the maximum level of comfort and energy efficiency, Acetake HVCA designers take the following factors ...
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icon of  Welding and Brazing Companies
Welding and Brazing Companies
With Canada-wide expertise in the design, optimization, and implementation of welding processes, Acetake ...
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icon of  Construction (Industrial and Commercial)
Construction (Industrial and Commercial)
We've got the expertise to work the entire construction project from conceptual design to full-detailed ...
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icon of  Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
Our engineers and inspectors have over 15 years of experience in oil and gas in developing a long-lasting ...
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icon of  Energy
Acetake Group will help energy companies to deal with continually changing global economy. We offer energy ...
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icon of  Mining
Our mining experts can help you from the feasibility study to the detailed design, specification, selection, ...
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