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Construction (Industrial and Commercial)

We've got the expertise to work the entire construction project from conceptual design to full-detailed engineering and construction implementation. We proudly serve private and public-sector clients in the Civil, Urban Transportation and Energy sectors.

Acetake has successfully executed very complex construction projects ranging from mega-integrated projects to medium-sized jobs to local works.

icon of  Welded Connection Design
Welded Connection Design
Connection calculations and development of connection detail drawings ...
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icon of  Engineering Design
Engineering Design
The highly skilled team of engineers and technicians at Acetake Group provide our customers with very timely ...
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icon of  Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
Structural Engineering Design and Analysis
Acetake Group licensed structural engineers design Commercial and Industrial structures across Canada. Our team ...
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icon of  Mechanical Engineering and HVAC
Mechanical Engineering and HVAC
Acetake Group licensed engineers are trained and seasoned to understand, design, and properly analyze ...
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icon of  Materials Testing
Materials Testing
Acetake Group laboratory provides same day pick up and same day reporting services at lowest prices through ...
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